WORX Trivac Vs Toro 51599 Leaf Blower Vacuum Comparison

by John

The WORX Trivac and the Toro 51599 are both excellent 3-in-1 blower vacuums with integrated mulchers. They have both been best selling units for a long time. While they do have some feature differences, they do get the job done. Here is a detailed comparison of what the WORX trivac and the Toro 51599 have to offer. Use this to make your choice easier. You can also check out our detailed WORX Trivac review and the Toro 51599 review for an in-depth look at these units.

WORX Trivac Vs Toro 51599

Image Toro 51599 Blower Vacuum Worx Trivac WG500 Blower Vacuum
Title Toro 51599 Ultra 12 amp Variable-Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum with Metal Impeller WORX TriVac WG500 12 amp All-in-One Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum
  • Toro Ultra 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder makes completing yard work fun and easy
  • Exclusive cord-lock system holds power cord firmly in place
  • Rugged metal impeller and infinite variable speed motor delivers up to 235 miles-per-hour of air flow
  • Comes with power unit, blower tubes, vacuum tubes, vacuum bag, and operating manual Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • WORX electric blower and vacuum can blow away debris then easily change to vacuuming in seconds
  • WORX blower and vacuum makes an efficient, alternative to gasoline-powered tools Angled tube for access under bushes or storm drains
  • Compact lightweight design for single-handed operation in both blowing and vacuuming modes
  • Ergonomically designed with soft grip handles to accommodate all heights and reach, providing maximum comfort and control
Model 51599 WG500
Blow speed 235 MPH 210 MPH
Vacuum Capcacity 255 CFM 350 CFM
Bag Capacity N/A 1.5 Bushels
Mulch Ratio 16:1 10:1
Rated Power 12 Amp 12 Amp
Rated Voltage 12 V--60Hz 12 V--60Hz
Height 10 inch N/A
Weight 11.5 Lbs 8.4 Lbs
Width 20.5 inch N/A
Length 48 inch N/A
Package Height 850 1080
Package Weight 11.8 pound 12.05 pound
Package Length 2440 2760
Warranty Full 2 year warranty 2 years parts and labor
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
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Troy Cruishank

Thanks for comparing the features of the toro 51599 and the WORX Trivac. Definitely makes my decision making easier. I am currently leaning towards the WORX Trivac but the toro leaf blower looks good too.



Of course anyone selling anything is going to claim theirs is the “best”….since this blower/vac is used in the yard…..what happens if a rock is sucked up into it? Metal impeller or plastic? Can a homeowner replace the impeller or does this unit have to be mailed or brought in for repairs. Who sells the impellers, only Worx? Usually if someone has the corner market on an item and you need to purchase or repair the item, the price is usually sky high, where would I get these answers?



Please go to the WORX Trivac Review post and you should find all the answers there. Also check out the comments section on that post.


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