WORX Trivac Vacuum Bag Replacement

by John


We have recently received a few emails from  WORX Trivac WG500 customers enquiring about how they can replace their Vacuum bags. These bags are not available on Amazon or at any of the retail stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Sears. I searched online quiet a bit and could not find any retailers selling these bags. So I called the WORX customer service number and this is what they told me. Typically if you have recently bought your Trivac and if the bag tore or was not in a good condition, they will send it to you for free. If not, then the replacement bags are $14 each (+ $4.71 for shipping)  and can be ordered by calling the WORX customer service number at 1-866-354-WORX(9679).

 Hope this information is useful for the folks trying to find a replacement bag. Please leave comments below if you were able to call the WORX customer service and get a replacement bag. This would be helpful to other readers as well.

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Thanks for the info. I called their customer service and was able to get a replacement bag without any issues.



thank you for the customer service number… which actually is is 1-866-354-9679.
They will send me a replacement bag. They told me I should empty the bag when it is 3/4 full, and not wait till it is over filled which puts stain on the zipper.



Thanks for posting this. I called the corrected customer service number (in one of the comments). My bag is a couple years old, so I was charged $13.99 and they waived the shipping cost. Not a bad price to keep a tool going that is otherwise great.



Thank you for this information! It is not clearly stated on their website and I called them after reading your post.



The zipper on my bag broke the second year I used it. The company doesn’t list anywhere on its website where you can buy replacement parts; although, if you call customer service you can order another one for $13.99 plus shipping. I originally called from my office to order another bag, and the customer service rep said he needed the serial number from my Tri Vac. Well, I couldn’t order it that day because I didn’t have the equipment with me at the office. I found this really annoying. Other than making it difficult to order replacement parts, I like my Tri Vac.


Joe Sapienza

my blower vac is only 3 months old and the zipper blew out on the bag. I dont even have the warrantee card in the mail yet so Im ____ out of luck. Great product while it lasted!


Linda Rutledge

I called the customer service number and the gentleman answering the phone was great. He said I could order the bag from him. Decided to order 2 bags and he waived the shipping fee as I was in the same city. I just love this trivac for cleaning up my leaves. I am a senior citizen and it is easy for me to handle.


Joe Sapienza

The work x blower vac is pretty good but the bags fall apart quickly. I’m on my 2nd bag within a year and the company has done nothing to improve the zipper or stitching. They just sell you a new bag for 35 dollars


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FREE replacement bag being sent to me today on the WG505. Woohoo!



Wonderful article. I called WORX and had a new bag sent to me for $25. As soon as I get it I’m bringing it to a seamstress and will have the zipper replaced with a heavy-duty nylon one. I did this with my last replacement bag and it lasted much longer than the OEM zipper. Will cost another $20 but a small investment for the best leaf mulcher ever made! Believe me, I’ve had at least 6 different leaf mulchers in the past that were nowhere close to the quality, usability and convenience of this machine, well, except for that darn zipper that doesn’t last very long!! WORX is great!!! 03/27/2017, Canada.


Mike Schramski

I just called the number. The bags are now $19.99 plus $5.00 shipping and tax. Total of $25.13.
But it is in stock and on it’s way.


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