Review : Toro 51599 Variable Speed Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum & Mulcher

05 August 2010 by John



The Toro 51599 Blower Vacuum unit has been discontinued by Toro. It has been replaced with the even more powerful Toro 51609 Blower Vacuum. Check out my review of the Toro 51609.

A friend of mine bought the Toro 51599 leaf blower vacuum after being severely frustrated with his gas powered blower vac. That gas blower vacuum did not come cheap and hence the frustration when it was not doing its job well and breaking down often. His main complaints were that his gas blower was getting overheated very soon and melting some of the plastic grill on the blower. Secondly, it was loud and smoked very badly. He has had the Toro 51599 for almost a year now and is very happy with it. He tells me its the best blower Vacuum ever made!!

The Toro 51599 Ultra 3-in-1 blower vacuum has consistently been ranked as top seller in its market. It has some very great features for an electric leaf blower vacuum that is priced at under $100 (Click above image to get current price). Let us look at what the Toro 51599 blower vacuum has to offer.

Toro 51599 Electric Blower Vacuum Specifications

Motor Amps – 12 Amps
Maximum Velocity – Nozzle – Up to 235 mph
Blow Mode Air Volume – 255 CFM
Vacuum Mode Air Volume – 390 CFM
Leaf Shredding Reduction – 16:1
Tool Weight – 7.5 Pounds
UL Listed – Standard
Vacuum Capability – Standard
Manufacturer Warranty – 2 Full Years

A 3-in-1 Blower Vacuum Mulcher

You get a leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher packed into one tool in the Toro 51599. Your garage will look a lot less cluttered as you would have replaced 3 tools with just one. A quick release latch on the Toro 51599 blower vac makes it very easy to convert the tool from a blower to a vacuum. The following image shows the quick release latch and you can see how easy it is to convert from one function to another without needing any tools to do this.

Toro 51599 has a quick release latch to easily convert from blower to vacuum

Variable Speed 12 Amp Motor

The Toro 51599 leaf blower features a powerful 12 amp motor with variable speed control. What this means is that you will be able to easily change motor speed depending on the job at hand. The speed can be changed anywhere from 112 MPH to 235 MPH. You may want to have a low speed setting when blowing debris of your deck and other sensitive material surfaces. Your concrete driveway may need a higher motor speed than your lawn and this is where this feature is extremely useful. Many Blower Vacuums will only offer a two speed setting which may be either too strong for sensitive surfaces or too weak for hard surfaces. The following image shows the knob on the top with which you can change your speed settings.


Excellent Mulching Ratio

The mulching ratio of the Toro 51599 is 16:1 which means that it can convert 16 bags of leaves and debris into one bag of mulch. This a very good ratio number given that most blower vacs will offer only a 8:1. The mulch will be finer and better for your garden. Also, because of this high mulching ratio, you can vacuum and mulch twice the area than a 8:1 blower vacuum can before emptying the mulch bag.

Metal Impeller

The mulching and leaf shredding is done by a metal impeller, whose serrated blades are coated with Magnesium. Many blower vacs in the market feature a plastic impeller that can easily break, but not this metal impeller on the Toro 51599. For me, the metal impleller is the biggest selling point of this blower vac. This metal impeller will even withstand small rocks that are sucked in with the leaves and twigs. The following image shows what the metal impeller on this tool looks like.

Toro 51599 has a metal impeller and a powerful mulcher

Powered By Electricity

Electric blower vacuums are so much better than their gas powered counterparts when it comes to ranking them for ease of use and maintenance. They start up instantly and are a lot quieter. Its true that your mobility is compromised due to a electric cord, but you will overcome this shortcoming very soon after you start using it and see how easy it is to use. You don’t have to pull on a pull cord anymore to start up your blower. Electric powered blower vacs are also very eco-friendly in comparison to gas powered ones. No more noxious fumes when you are clearing those leaves on your yard. A drawback with electric powered units is that you will need to buy a bigger extension cord to be able to use this unit at places that are farther away from an electric outlet.

Ease of Use

This high powered blower weighs only 7.5 Lbs and is easy on your back when you have to operate for a long period of time. This tool also has a special ergonomical design, looks sleek and will make your neighbors take notice.


The Toro 51599 Ultra 3-in-1 leaf blower Vacuum is a very well built quality unit that will last you a long time. It is the best blower vac in the market for under $100. The Toro 51599 has been consistently ranked as a top seller on and consumer reports has also given it great reviews. This blower vac may also qualify for free shipping from You cannot go wrong with the Toro 51599 3-in-1 electric blower vacuum and it will be your perfect companion in yard clean ups for years to come. Cleaning up leaves will not be a chore anymore, it will be more fun than ever!

Buy The Toro 51599 From

Brandon Smoth says – “This is an awesome machine. I also use it to blow away snow on my driveway…I was able to easily blow away about 4 inches of snow in no time.” Read full comment below.

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Mike Sucato

I recently bought the Toro 51599 leaf blower after reading your glowing review about it. It definitely is the best leaf blower vac i have ever owned. I am highly recommending this product to friends and family. Thanks!


Les Peterson

Just as you stated, i think the metal impeller on the toro 51599 is its biggest selling point. Many a times the vac has sucked in big pieces of bark mulch and some not so tiny rocks, but the metal impeller did not break or crack. plastic impellers would have easily broken down.


Tyler Crews

I bought this one last year and absolutely love it. I am now planning to get another one and gift it to my brother.


Jason Henderson

I do not have much money to spend on yard tools these days. But after reading your recommendation about the toro 51599, i went ahead and bought it by putting it on my credit card. so far its working really well and i will be cleaning up yards for some neighbors and friends this fall. That should help me pay it off. I think it is definitely the best blower vac mulcher available for under $100.


Jack Turner

This toro leaf blower vac is awesome ! I previously have owned a Craftsman and it was painful. Never again will i buy a craftsman product.



This is an excellent leaf blower! It reduced the work of hours to minutes. Its only disadvantage, needing a 100 foot extention cord ( for my land) vastly outweighs the unreliable, tempermental and undependable 2 stroke engine leaf blowers.


Malcolm Marshall

Recently bought the Toro 51599 blower vac after reading this review. It is an excellent machine.


Brandon Smoth

This is an awesome machine. I also use it to blow away snow on my driveway. I broke my wrist a month ago and am still recovering. I tried shoveling away the snow, but it was hurting my wrist a lot and that is when i thought why not use the 235 MPH air speed generated by the Toro 51599 blower vac to blow the snow away and it worked great!! I was able to easily blow away about 4 inches of snow in no time.



It is extremely unsafe to blow snow with an electric cord hanging next to you. Not suggested!


Jim Hagen

A very good buy at such a low price. Highly recommend it.



It makes for a good social experiment, to improve the way we interact with people by dating!No dating or relationship goals for me. Except maybe to not enter into a relationship for a while. I’ve decided that where I’m at right now, I’m not quite mature enough to deal with commitment:)


Pete Jones

I have been putting this blower/vac. through it’s paces and I am pleasantly pleased that I have found a quality product which is priced right. $69 is a bargain.

My 1989 Toro gas model needed a new ignition module. The cost of the ignition part $205. Purchasing the 51599 was a no brainier. I would recommend this unit to anyone who wants a great machine at the right price.



This is a very good blower. My old one broken down last year and the Toro 51599 that i bought this year easily trounces my old own in terms of power and ease of use.


Andy Jackson

John & Brandon,

I completely agree that the Toro 51599 leaf blower is an excellent machine. I also use it a lot in the winter to blow away snow from my deck. Always works!!


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This item is absolutely awful! I just purchased and immediately returned this product. I should have known better as the switch was not only cheap but the markings on the switch scratched off with one pass of my finger. If you compare this to Black and Decker, the Toro models look like cheap Chinese knock offs but for all I know, it’s manufactured by the same factory that makes Black and Decker as they look almost identical, just the Toro is much poorer quality. I turned on the blower and in the next 10 secs it sounded like it died a painful death. Blower chugged as it lost all power. I switched outlets, extension cords, etc. It stayed dead.

In my industry we call this a revolving door product. It comes back in as soon as it goes out the door. Here is how my experience with Toro began: I went to the local Home Depot and selected their only electric, blower,vacuum available. Actually they had both models, the black and red one but the red one “Ultra” listed more features. I should have known better when I saw the only boxes of Ultra on the shelf had been opened, tagged, and retaped. The boxes looked in awful condition. On the top shelf I noticed a plastic wrapped pallet full of brand new Toro Ultras. I waited 20 minutes for an employee to find a forklift, unwrap pallet, and give me a new, unblemished Toro Ultra. I immediately paid for it! Brought it home just before the rains hit. I had 2 hours to blow the leaves off of my patio and rain gutters before the rain hit. The pile of junk turned on over the next 10 secs, chugged, lost power, and would never turn back on again.

The purchasing agent/buyer for Home Depot should be reprimanded for bringing this defective, revolving door, line of blowers into the Home Depot line up. By the looks of all of the returns I saw, the experience I had with Toro is a common one and will continue costing Home Depot and other retailers who embrace Toro for their margins and pricepoints, to lose time and money.


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