Understanding Leaf Blower Vacuum Specifications

by John

The following will be helpful for somebody who does not typically have an idea of power tools and what the specifications on a blower vacuum mean.

Vacuum Capacity In CFM

This indicates how quickly air is sucked in by the blower vac. CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) is a unit of measurement that basically tells you how much volume (measured in cubic feet) passes by a particular point in exactly one minute. For a blower vac, higher the CFM vacuum value, the better. Higher the number, the suction capacity gets better.

Blow Speed In MPH

The blow speed of a blower basically tells you at what speed the air is being blown by the blower. This is typically measured in Miles in Per Hour (MPH). Again higher the blow speed, better the performance of the blower.

Mulching Rate Ratio

This is a very important number to look for in a blower vacuum that also mulches the leaves. This ratio tells you how much the leaves are being compressed before they are mulched. The number of bushels of leaves that the blower vac mulches is indicated by the first number of this ratio and the number of bushels they are chopped into is indicated by the second number. For example, if the mulching ration is 10:1, it simply means that 10 bags of leaves will be eventually turned into one bag of mulch. A bushel is approximately 2,150.42 cubic inches of volume.

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