Review : Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable Speed Electric Blower, Vacuum & Mulcher With Metal Impeller

September 17, 2014
Review of Toro 51609 3-in-1 blower vacuum mulcher

The Toro 51609 Ultra 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher has been the #1 best selling electric blower vac for a while now. This model replaced the equally popular Toro 51599 model, whose production was recently discontinued by Toro. The Toro 51609 is a very good upgrade for home-owners looking to upgrade their existing blower vacs […]

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Review : AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer 1900 PSI 1.5 GPM

March 14, 2012
AR383 Electric Pressure Washer Review

Recommendations from friends for a good electric pressure washer led me to the AR North America AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 11 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel. It is a greatĀ  machine for household use as my friends would testify. If you are a homeowner, looking for a good and durable appliances for […]

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Choosing Extension Cord Of Correct Wire Gauge For Your Leaf Blower, Mowers & Other Yard Tools

November 13, 2011
Thumbnail image for Choosing Extension Cord Of Correct Wire Gauge For Your Leaf Blower, Mowers & Other Yard Tools

It is very important to choose an extension cord of the correct wire gauge to power your yard tools or any power tools for that matter. Obviously, you will not have to worry about this if you own a gas powered or a battery powered tool. The most important reason for you to be using […]

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WORX Trivac Vacuum Bag Replacement

November 7, 2011
WORX Trivac Vacuum Mulcer Bag Replacement Info

We have recently received a few emails fromĀ  WORX Trivac WG500 customers enquiring about how they can replace their Vacuum bags. These bags are not available on Amazon or at any of the retail stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Sears. I searched online quiet a bit and could not find any retailers selling these […]

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WORX Trivac Vs Toro 51599 Leaf Blower Vacuum Comparison

October 13, 2011
Worx Trivac Vs Toro 51599 - A detailed blower vacuum feature comparison

The WORX Trivac and the Toro 51599 are both excellent 3-in-1 blower vacuums with integrated mulchers. They have both been best selling units for a long time. While they do have some feature differences, they do get the job done. Here is a detailed comparison of what the WORX trivac and the Toro 51599 have […]

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Review : Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog Electric Mulching Mower with Rear Bag

March 21, 2011
Black & Decker MM875 Electric Mower Review

I had some definite points on my mind while searching for a good electrical lawn mower and my search led me to the Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog 19-Inch 12 amp Electric Mulching Mower with Rear Bag. A great lawn mower, winner in all the lawn mower counts, and I will tell you why, […]

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December 17, 2010 - Reviews of the best snow blowers and snow throwers

We recently launched a new website, where we are writing reviews of the best Snow Blowers and Snow Throwers. Winter has arrived and many of us living in places where snow is a constant during the winter months, keeping our driveways and walkways free of snow is quite a task. With this in mind, […]

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Kinds Of Garden Leaf Blowers And How To Choose One For Your Needs

October 15, 2010
Garden Leaf blower Buying Guide

Garden or Backyard leaf blowers are driven generally both by gas or electric. With this blog post, we will hopefully be able to guide you in making an informed decision about a leaf blower that will work for your needs based on the size of yard and your portability needs. Gas Leaf Blowers Gas leaf […]

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Troy-Bilt TB4BP Review : 32cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blower

October 11, 2010
Review of Troy-Bilt TB4BP four cycle 32 cc gas powered backpack leaf blower

The Troy-Bilt TB4BP gas powered leaf blower is an excellent 4 cycle 32cc machine. Its ergonomic design and suspension system makes it very comfortable to operate. This unit has consistently been a best seller in its segment and works almost at par compared to some of the commercial back pack leaf blowers that sell for […]

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Review: WORX TriVac WG500 Electric Leaf Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

September 1, 2010
WORX trivac WG500 Electric Leaf Blower Vac Review

The WORX Trivac WG500 is a very popular leaf blower mulcher vacuum all in one unit – thanks to the regular advertisements on TV. This unit has been a bestseller for quite some time now. Users of the WORX Trivac swear by its efficiency and are marvelled by its ease of use. I was able to use and test it multiple times when I helped a buddy of mine who had recently broken his arm. I was ….

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